The original paintball battlefield (map) 30+ years ago was an 80 acre woodland area, modern tournaments are played on speedball fields that are not even 0.5 acre in size. There are 2 main kinds of paintball fields, bushball (woodsball), and speedball (man-made). There are also scenario games which can be played on bushball fields or themed speedball fields. Each offers a very different kind of experience and which one is better truly depends on personal preference and style of play. As Melbourne's orignal and still closest bush paintball centre we can offer both our adult and junior paintball groups the chance to play on both kinds of battlefields so they can decide for themselves which battlefield is better!

Bushball fields are made up of natural terrain including trees, bracken and fallen logs. They can also have additional man-made barricades such as trenches, bunkers and forts to provide extra cover for players. Bushball is great for players wearing camoflauge as it allows them to blend in and play hide and seek paintball. The battlefields can be small, which are suited to shorter ambush style games and junior paintball or very large areas that allow strategic scenario games. The bigger the battlefield the longer the game will last. Our attack and defend game played on the big bush field generally lasts 10-15 minutes.

Speedball fields are made up of man-made bunkers (barricades) and are usually played of fields start within shooting distance of one another. Early on paintball tournaments were played strictly in the bush until a tournament was held at a paintball centre which featured a field with no trees or natural cover, it was aimed at trying to make the game more spectator friendly. Many players liked this new variant because of the fast paced action and speed of the game. Speedball fields were modified until in the mid 90's the first fully inflatable (known as 'Sup Air) field was introduced.