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Take a little bit of chess, mix it with hide and seek and add a healthy dose of adrenalin.

Occasional recreational or regular club days with mates or play paintball up as a sport.

It's hard to believe that we opened to the general public Saturday 16th October 1993.

The original paintball battlefield (map) 30+ years ago was an 80 acre woodland area, modern tournaments are played on speedball fields that are not even 0.5 acre in size. There are 2 main kinds of paintball fields, bushball (woodsball), and speedball (man-made). There are also scenario games which can be played on bushball fields or themed speedball fields. Each offers a very different kind of experience and which one is better truly depends on personal preference and style of play. As Melbourne's orignal and still closest bush paintball centre we can offer both our adult and junior paintball groups the chance to play on both kinds of battlefields so they can decide for themselves which battlefield is better!

Bushball fields are made up of natural terrain including trees, bracken and fallen logs. They can also have additional man-made barricades such as trenches, bunkers and forts to provide extra cover for players. Bushball is great for players wearing camoflauge as it allows them to blend in and play hide and seek paintball. The battlefields can be small, which are suited to shorter ambush style games and junior paintball or very large areas that allow strategic scenario games. The bigger the battlefield the longer the game will last. Our attack and defend game played on the big bush field generally lasts 10-15 minutes.

Speedball fields are made up of man-made bunkers (barricades) and are usually played of fields start within shooting distance of one another. Early on paintball tournaments were played strictly in the bush until a tournament was held at a paintball centre which featured a field with no trees or natural cover, it was aimed at trying to make the game more spectator friendly. Many players liked this new variant because of the fast paced action and speed of the game. Speedball fields were modified until in the mid 90's the first fully inflatable (known as 'Sup Air) field was introduced.

Kids paintball (splatball) uses a spring powered, pump-action splatball marker (gun) that shoots a smaller paintball at a third of the velocity and range than that of the adult gas powered, semi-automatic paintball marker (gun). The Junior Package is designed for kids birthday parties and family groups where everyone isn't over the age of 16, it's also a great alternative to paintball for hen's groups who want the action but not the bruises of adult paintball. The Paintball Starter Package is good for first time players or students that aren't sure what to expect and who may also be on a budget. The Paintball Standard Package is for regular players, corporate events, team bulding days and bucks groups.

1.5 hour (90 minutes) session includes 30 minute check-in (payment, paperwork, mask & overall issue, safety briefing and demonstration of splatball gun) 60 minutes of field time, play up to 6-8 games on 3 battlefields (Speedball, Little Bush & Mayhem) Undercover area available for 30 minutes at end of session for BYO food or order Pizza Hut from our local store in Carrum Downs and receive a 10% discount when you mention paintball.

2.5 hour (150 minutes) session includes 30-45 minute check-in (payment, paperwork, mask & overall issue, safety briefing and demonstration of paintball marker) 60-90 minutes of field time, play up to 3-6 games on 3-4 battlefields (Valley, Big Bush, Hyperball & Arenaball)at the end of the session it takes 15 minutes for everyone to check-out.

Paintball is an adrenalin sport in which two opposing teams compete using paintball markers (guns) powered by compressed gas. The markers propel small spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules (paintballs). Opponents exit the game when marked by paintballs and the winning team is the first to eliminate all opponents and/or achieve an assigned task such as capturing a flag.

The first ever paintball game was played on June 7th, 1981, in the New Hampshire woods in the USA. Twelve players competed in a capture the flag game that was held over an 80 acre area. There were four flag stations with coloured flags (One colour per player). Some players tried to run from station to station, some tried to go for eliminations, the winner used stealth and never fired a shot!

Paintball players are required to wear protective masks and follow strict safety rules. Paintball was initially developed for recreation, but now is frequently played as a sport with organised competitions that involve major tournaments, professional teams and players.

There are two main types of paintball, bushball which is played on a large natural bush battlefield with long games and speedball which is played on a smaller man-made field with short games.

The first paintball field in Australia opened in Queensland in 1984 and two years later in 1986 the first paintball field was opened in Victoria by Victorian Paintball Games. Ground Zero Paintball was opened in 1993 and was the first field opened within the metro are of Melbourne. It remains the only bush venue less than 40km from the city.

Almost everyone is nervous the first time they play paintball skirmish, some may only ever play it once, whilst others may go on to take it up as a sport. One of the biggest fears of first time players is the pain, you are being shot by a projectile after all! Fortunately paintball is an adrenalin sport and whilst you may feel the occasional sting when you get hit it really doesn't hurt that much and most importabtly the memories of playing paintball are going to fade long after the bruises do!

Recreational Paintball or Recball for short is the most common form of paintball that is played by most people, it's when you and a bunch of your friends get together to play paintball for a birthday, bucks or just for fun. You don't need any of your own gear to play recball, you hire it from the paintball centre. Trained referee's run your games and make sure you stay safe playing paintball.

Club days are usually hosted once a month and there are both speedball and bushball days. Of interest is given the nature of paintball is to eliminate your opposition, it is actually a very social game with players having a laugh together after the game. New members are always welcome.

Players own their gear or borrow it from other members, this is a great way of trying something before you buy. The most important piece of gear is your mask and there are several brands on the market. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Tournament paintball players use high end paintball markers that can fire up to 15 paintballs per second. Tournaments consist of 5 verses 5 competing for points is a race to format. The first team to a certain amount of points win the match. There are novice, amateur and professional level divisions and Victoria has anywhere from 10 to 20 teams playing each year.

On Saturday 16th October 1993 Splatball Village Carrum Downs (Now known as Ground Zero Paintball) opened it's gates to the public for the first time. It had been a 2 year process to get Melbourne's first metro paintball centre approved and ready for play. However it wasn't the first paintball centre that our founder had opened nor would it be the last.

In 1986 near Blackwood which is located in the Wobat State Forest, Victoria's first ever paintball game was played using sling shots and Uvex safety goggles. Eventually Sheridans, which were one of the earliest paintball guns to be made, were imported from New Zealand.

In 1987 our founder and his brother spent 2 years fighting to get council approval for Splatball Village Cockatoo. In 1989 the first games were played using American made Tippmann SL68II pump-action paintball markers (pictured). In 1994 (a year after Carrum Downs) Splatball Village Frankston (Karingal) was opened.

After the 1996 Port Arthur incident and the negativity associated with any type of gun, the Victorian State Government used a 'Sunset Clause' to ban the use of paintball guns unless a person owned a Shooters Licence. This effectively brought the Victorian Paintball industry to a standstill.

Splatball Village Moama (just across the border in NSW) was opened in 1999. During this period the Peninsula Paintball Club was formed by a group of 20-30 players with their own gear who met on a regular basis at the Frankston and Carrum Downs fields. On 1st January 2006 due to a change in government and behind the scenes lobbying by our founder and others paintball returned to Victoria. Since that time many smaller and one large paintball centres have opened (and some have since closed) to join the orginal paintball centres that still stand.

Tournament paintball returned to Skye after a seven (7) year absence when the Melbourne paintball centre hosted round 4 of the Paintball Association of Victoria Series.  It was the first time the paintball centre had hosted a Sup' Air (Inflatable barricades) tournament and was made possible by the work of home team Melbourne Reign who placed 9th in their debut tournament (they went on to win round 5). The following year Skye hosted the second biggest tournament in Victorian paintball history with 26 teams attending.

In 2010 the NRL discovered that the Melbourne Storm had breached their salary cap over a period of 5 years. The team were stripped of their 2007 and 2009 premiership. After spending 3 months under fire from the media the Melbourne Storm players fired back... but only at each other! The squad (including Cameron Smith and Billy Slater) took a day off training to play paintball.