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Take a little bit of chess, mix it with hide and seek and add a healthy dose of adrenalin.

Occasional recreational or regular club days with mates or play paintball up as a sport.

It's hard to believe that we opened to the general public Saturday 16th October 1993.

Tournament paintball returned to Skye after a seven (7) year absence when the Melbourne paintball centre hosted round 4 of the Paintball Association of Victoria Series.  It was the first time the paintball centre had hosted a Sup' Air (Inflatable barricades) tournament and was made possible by the work of home team Melbourne Reign who placed 9th in their debut tournament (they went on to win round 5). The following year Skye hosted the second biggest tournament in Victorian paintball history with 26 teams attending.

In 2010 the NRL discovered that the Melbourne Storm had breached their salary cap over a period of 5 years. The team were stripped of their 2007 and 2009 premiership. After spending 3 months under fire from the media the Melbourne Storm players fired back... but only at each other! The squad (including Cameron Smith and Billy Slater) took a day off training to play paintball.