The minimum age to play paintball in Victoria is sixteen (16) years old or over. The minimum age to play splatball in Victoria is eight (8) years old or over.
There is no minimum number of players to join and exsisting public paintball session. To create a session of paintball or splatball you will need at least six (6) players.
Please contact us if you want a private session, there is a minimum amount of players and package required.
Our session times are set at regular intervals throughout the day and alternate between paintball and splatball to avoid having the two in the compound at the same time
Although we try to cater to last minute bookings, we recommend you book at least three (3) days in advance. In the warmer months we suggest you book two (2) to three (3) weeks in advance.
All sessions include check-in process (paperwork, payment, equipment issue & safety briefing), mission briefing, structured games, breaks in between games, optional group photo & check-out process.
We suggest lightweight clothing such as shorts or leggings and a tank top or tee shirt to wear underneath the overalls and an old pair of runners. Boots with ankle support are ideal if possible.
This depends on how trigger happy a person is. The average usage is 100-200 paintballs per 10 minutes of game time. There is usually 30-60 minutes of game time in a session.
They will lose their deposit. Three (3) days notice is required to refund a deposit. At least one (1) days notice is required to postpone a session. At least six (6) people must play for a session to go ahead.
YES you can, however please be aware we do not have tap water on site. We sell cold bottled water and sports drink. Stay hydrated!
Strictly NO alcohol or drugs are permitted at the paintball centre at any time. Anyone under the influence will be asked to leave the centre immediately.